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smart lock for android - unlock phone with nfc watch


You can make unlocking your phone easier with Smart Lock for Android. First, change your settings to enable Smart Lockon your device. Then set how you want your NFC watch* to automatically unlock.

     Learn more: https://get.google.com/smartlock/

Smart Lock for Android keeps your phone or tablet unlocked when it’s with you. And when your device senses it may not be safe, it’ll need to be manually unlocked. You can tell Smart Lock what signals to check, like proximity to your smartwatch, or the trusted locations you select.

Turn on Smart Lock for Android

If you have a Android 5.0 device, go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock, and choose how you want your device to recognize when it’s safe to stay unlocked. Just follow the prompts to experience Android unlocking bliss. If you have a different Android device, look for Smart Lock in your Settings.

Your NFC watch (e.g. Winwatch TheKEY) becomes the Trusted Device to unlock your smartphone!