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NXP Semiconductors-owned Mifare dominates the contactless card market (contactless debit and credit cards, access cards, transport cards & ticketing, etc.) with an estimated 75% share worldwide.

Mifare comes in a wide range of contactless IC products with a typical read/write distance of a few centimeters used in multiple applications worldwide. Mifare Desfire EV1 products are NFC compatible (NFC Forum TagType4).


MIFARE is flexible enough to be used just about anywhere, from plastic cards and watches to key fobs and even smartphones. And that means it can help people do just about anything. MIFARE can be found in things like bus passes, employee badges, library cards, student IDs, loyalty cards, toll cards and stadium access passes. MIFARE is the backbone for smart cities and the foundation for mobility services used by millions of people worldwide. It´s helping people lead greener lives by making it easier to use public transport. It´s helping schools keep students safe, and helping banks protect valuable assets. It´s letting retailers give their customers better experiences, and making it easier to reward their loyalty.


 The new MIFARE DESFire EV2 Platform to be launched in 2015 will make convergence even easier. Seamless integration of additional services in the field will pave the way for the emergence of new business models. With the MIsmartApp* feature you can add applications on cards that are already deployed in the market.Deactivation of applications is also possible, including cross system interoperability and easy migration through backwardscompatibility with MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Classic infrastructure.

*Innovation via MIsmartApp

NXP is offering eco-system partners the opportunity to think ahead and consider how their system solutions could be further enhanced using a set of innovative features available on the EV2 development platform. The new multi-application MIsmartApp feature supports multi-operator and multi-service environments to enable new business models. Operators can now sell memory space for additional applications to third parties without the need to share the card’s master key. This allows an unlimited combination of applications, such as loyalty, membership, access management, bike rental or a transport pass, on one single card. It’s like your personal app store in a contactless smart card.

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