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Crystal has NFC inside


With basic Near Field Communication (NFC) knowledge, there is no reason to have to read through a manual prior to using a NFC empowered watch. NFC is intuitive to use and simplifies greatly our daily life !

Here some brief details you may need to know :

Winwatch's patented watch crystal holds a Near Field Communication (NFC) Chip. It has 1024 bits EEPROM read&write with 50 years of data retention - Contactless transmission of data, Operating distance up to 2cm, Operating frequency 13.56 MHz. It allows you to program it or to store data. It is readable by any NFC equipped devices, as smartphones and/or tablets available on market. Once data has been stored in the chip, the application allows to read and view the programmed data including options to launch any mobile application available on the market.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that the Chip inside your watch has a write-protection function. It means that once you write-protect the Chip, it can’t be edited to point to do something else! It’s made read-only at the hardware level. So please avoid this function and refer to our Returns&Warranty Policy for related details. There will be NO PRODUCT RETURN ACCEPTED!