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Check your watch for 100% Authenticity!

Reliable Product Authentication of your watch has become possible thanks to NFC technology. 



Winwatch's watches are each one unique and verifiably authentic. The NFC chip embedded in the sapphire crystal has an unfalsifiable and unclonable digital serial number (64-bit unique identifier). And because we take product authentication very seriously, we use the warranty card as a complementary authentication form factor. Both digital serial numbers are registered on Winwatch's Product Back-End Database. This disruptive Multi-Form Factor Authentication System is very convenient for product authentication and makes your Winwatch Fafleralp 1787M watch for sure 100% authentic.

Here is how you can check for authenticity of your watch: 



Upload and install WinwatchApp Auth100 on your mobile phone and/or tablet.

WinwatchApp Auth100 (Android 4.0.3 and up) - Click here for free download on Google Play Store!


  • Authentication Factor 1 - Check for authenticity of your watch with WinwatchApp Auth100

Your Winwatch Fafleralp 1787M watch is NFC empowered and is verifiably authentic, thanks to its invisible digital serial number embedded in the sapphire crystal. All of our products are guaranteed to work with the NFC Forum specifications to interact with any NFC-enabled devices. So you can check by yourself the watch's authenticity with any NFC equipped smartphone, tablet, notebooks, ultrabook or PC.

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  • Authentication Factor 2 - Check for authenticity of your warranty card with WinwatchApp Auth100

All our sold wristwatches are provided with a 1 year international warranty that is also your personal ,certificate of authenticity'. This unfalsifiable and unclonable card (delivered in standardized plastic credit card format) contains a NFC chip.  

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The watch's NFC chip and the card's NFC chip are matched in the back-end Database as an ultimate Authentication Factor 3. One can use only the same warranty card for that same watch (so one cannot fake a warranty card and sell it with the watch, or issue a new warranty card without informing the watch owner and Winwatch). This way we have a complementary double security on watch based on the warranty card and the backend database.)