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User Guide


1. Settings :

1.1.To set the Time:

a)      When the second hand is at 12 o’clock, pull out the crown* to the second click position to stop it.

b)      Set the minute and hour hands by rotating the crown.

c)      Push the crown back to its initial position.

1.2.To set the Day:  

a)      Pull out the crown* to the first click.

b)      Set the day by rotating the crown.

c)      Push back the crown to its initial position. 

1.3.How to use the Rotary bezel (Anti-reverse bezel):

a)       Rotate the anti-reverse bezel to align the mark with the minute hand.

b)       After certain amount of elapsed time, read the graduation on the elapsed time on bezel, which the minute hand points to.

c)       The elapsed time is now indicated.

* The watch is equipped with a push/pull crown. You must carefully pull it out. Don’t pull too hard on such crowns. Please note that the watch is not water resistant while its crown is loosened.

2. Quartz Movement  Specifications :

- Accuracy at normal conditions : +/- 20 seconds per month

- Battery life : approx. 2-3 years at normal conditions

3. User Maintenance :

Battery : The battery is fitted at the time of manufacture and can be replaced by first signs of low battery by any professional watchmaker.

Water Resistance : Splashes, Rain, Hand Washing = YES ; Taking a Shower, Swimming = YES ; Snorkeling, Scuba Diving = No