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Warranty and Instructions

Congratulations to the purchase of this unique and smart wristwatch. We wish you great pleasure and fun with your new The KEY.

Did you know that this is a world novelty? If you will use this wristwatch to open doors with electronic NFC/MIFARE cylinders or door locks you simply have to program your watch the same way as you did with your already used NFC/MIFARE access cards.

There’s nothing easier than that. No more mislaying, forgetting nor losing the keys or cards – the watch on your wrist is always ready to operate. 

In connection with your smartphone (most of them have already an integrated NFC reader inside) you can also download a number of NFC applications on Android from the Google Play Store and link them all with the chip in your wristwatch.

How about for example our free own cool demo application to co-secure your own smartphone?

For more information about NFC/MIFARE technology and apps feel free to visit regularly our website which will give you lots of information.

Product description


  • Miyota Quartz movement
  • Battery life approx. 2—3 years, easy to change
  • Regular timekeeping, analogic with 3 hands (hour, minute, second) + date
  • Black silicone bracelet/strap
  • Black plastic watch case with metallic bottom
  • NEW!  Ceramic Silicon Nitride Si3N4 Bezel unidirectional with minute markings
  • Water resistance 5 ATM corresponding to 50 meters depth
  • Flat mineral glass 


  • NXP MIFARE Desfire EV1 8KB IC Chip
  • Invisibly embedded with antenna inside the watch glass (patented)
  • Contactless transmission of data (read&write) up to a distance of    2 cm
  • Frequency 13,56 MHz
  • Covered standards: ISO/IEC 7816-4, ISO/IEC 14443-2 (Type A), ISO/IEC 14443-3 (Type A), ISO/IEC 14443-4 (Type A), MIFARE/NFC (These are the same standards that are for example used for contactless payments in actual credit cards)
  • No maintenance for the chip and no own battery is needed
  • Data retention by chip producer 10 years

Users guide

To set the day

1.        Carefully pull out the crown (watch button) to the first click position.

2.        Set the desired day by rotating the crown.

3.        Push carefully the crown back to its initial position. The crown turns lose again. 

To set the time

1.        Carefully pull out the crown to the second click position.

2.        Set the minute and hours hands by rotating the crown.

3.        Push carefully the crown back to its initial position. The second hand moves again.

Maintenance of the watch

Your watch has to be maintained regularly to allow a perfect and long lasting function of it. Therefore we recommend:

- Temperatures under 0 or over 30 degrees Celsius should be avoided.

- Avoid long sun exposure to act against discoloration and the deformation of the wristwatch.

- Avoid any contact of the watch with alcohol, perfumes, cosmetic products and cleaning agents to avoid possible corrosion.

- Carefully screw the crown (push in) so that no water or liquid can penetrate inside your watch movement.


We give you on this wristwatch a one-year warranty (1 year) against any material or manufacturing defects for all parts of the watch and the NFC chip, except the bracelet / band and the battery (valid from date of purchase with proof of purchase as the valid warranty certificate). The repair is free of charge. We disclaim all responsibility for any damage caused by the possession and wearing of the watch. The warranty is invalid if the defects are due to abusive or improper use of the wristwatch.

For warranty claims you have to send us the proof of purchase and a brief description of the type of defect. Please do not forget to specify the senders name and complete address. Postage shall be borne by the customer. The following events are excluded from the warranty:

  • Exposure of the wristwatch to electrostatic, magnetic or electromagnetic sources.
  • Function loss after battery discharge.
  • Loss of water resistance at a depth of more than 5 ATM under water or loss of water tightness through use of the crown (watch button) under water, as well as due to use of alcohol or other cleaning fluid.
  • All damages which are due to normal wear and tear, to an inadequate or improper maintenance, an accident or a shock impact.
  • Damages due from normal wear and tear under UV light exposure.


Within 7 days to your retailer with proof of purchase, unused and unworn product in the original packaging.

With the unique electronic chip number each wristwatch is authentic.

All prices are in USD Copyright 2015 Winwatch Trade Ltd

A sister company of Winwatch IP Ltd, Baarerstrasse 95, CH-6300 Zug / Switzerland