Pay with your MuchBetter watch wherever contactless payments are accepted.

The MuchBetter payment watch is now available in the 26 EEA countries (European Economic Area) including Great Britain and Switzerland. 

STISS® sapphire glass with contactless payment chip inside.

Swiss made.

4-year international warranty.

Free shipping to all EEA countries as well as Switzerland and Great Britain. 

Free MuchBetter E-WALLET (download the app from App Store or Google play store).

Simply download the free MuchBetter Payment App onto your smartphone. 

With this app you can top up and send money safely and quickly and efficiently process and manage your everyday payments. Everything from your smartphone. So you always know where, when, for what and how much money you have spent, of course also the expenses made with your watch.

How do I activate my watch in the MuchBetter eWallet? 
  1. Open the MuchBetter payment app on your smartphone. 
  2. Go to the "Card" section, click "Contactless", then "Activate card". 
  3. Activate the watch by entering the 9-digit activation code that you received with the watch. 

Your watch is now ready to use! 

You can pay contactless just like you do with your card.

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