Sapphire Crystal Sample for your test(s) and evaluation(s) of Winwatch's NFC technology inside watch crystal.

Samples are available in 2 dimensions as follow:

  • Sapphire double-domed, AR-coating inside, Chamfer outside :  0.78539816339745 radiant, Chamfer inside : 0.1x45°, dim. 32.5x3x2.5m 
  • Sapphire double-domed, AR-coating inside, Chamfer outside :  0.78539816339745 radiant, Chamfer inside : 0.1x45°, dim. 30.5x3x2.6m

ST Microelectronics ST25TA02K-P (NFC Tag Type 4) IC chip inside watch glass, contactless transmission of data (read&write), operating distance up to 2cm, operating frequency 13.56 MHz.

• ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
• NFC Forum Type 4 Tag
• 13.56 MHz carrier frequency
• 2-Kbit 
• 56-bit unique identifier
• 128-bit password protection
• 200 years data retention
• 1 million write erase cycles

 Patented Swiss Hi-Tech NFC Sapphire Watch Crystal

 The chip inside watch glass is unclonable and tamper proof. It makes each watch glass unique & 100% authentic

 Winwatch's NFC watch glass is a passive device meaning that it doesn't hold a battery and it's absolutely maintenance-free


NFC Forum Tag Types: To date, the NFC Forum ( has standardized five different tag types (Type 1-5).

The ST Microelectronics ST25TA02K-P (NFC Tag Type 4) is a NFC Forum Type 4 Tag. These tag types differ in technical details like memory size and protocol, and typically cover more than one chip model per type. Learn more 

Download the free ST25 Demonstration Application. It is an Androïd application dedicated to handle the ST NFC Tag ST25TA (CLOUD ST25TA02K-P board)




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