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Apps, but for what ?

NFC Displays are going mainstream this year 2012! Any smartphone and soon any tablet, ultrabook, notebook or PC will be equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC) reader/writer module.

Please have a look at this link with a complete NFC mobile phones list: http://www.nfcworld.com/nfc-phones-list/

There exist many ways NFC will change our world. Just think about the possibilities that Winwatch's Near Field Communication (NFC) empowered watches can offer you by a simple ,tap' on your smartphone and/or tablet!

- 100% effective Product Authentication has become possible: Winwatch's NFC wristwatches are each one unique and authentic. The NFC chip embedded in the watch crystal has an unfalsifiable and unclonable digital serial number (7byte UID). Notice: today no luxury watch brand is able to offer a comparable anti-counterfeiting solution - even high branding watches are delivered with a certificate of origin in simple paper form, or in a more sophisticated plastic credit-card format.

- Two-factor Authentication (your watch secures your smartphone): As people move through life, they want to experience a seamlessly mobile world with anywhere, anytime connections. The smartphone is already the most dominant communication device in the world - to become also the most trusted and secure multi-task device in the future, it needs to be protected by a security system provided by a two-factor authentication capability. Winwatch App can perfectly be complementary of existing Pattern, PIN or Passwords. 


Winwatch App 2FA: unlock your smartphone with your watch. Tap, done!



- and there are many others NFC mobile apps available on market (e.g. Google Play Store) and soon on our Winwatch Apps Shop that dramatically expand the potential of your watch and make life easier and more secure. Just think about tasks that your NFC empowered watch can execute by being the unique identificator (UID) and/or access key. 

Finally, we stop here writing and let you explore yourself the fascinating world of Near Field Communication. Enjoy your first NFC watch empowered by Winwatch - and personalize it with your preferred sapphire crystal color.

We remain at your disposal for any further information you may need. Please fill out and submit us the ,contact us' form.

Your Winwatch Team